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There is an endless debate about whether America's best barbecue spots are in Carolina, Texas, Kansas City or Memphis. When people talk about Memphis, they tend to compare it to other parts of the country like New York City or Nashville, but Memphis is full of goodies and delicious food. It may be difficult to choose one you should always reach, so I am here to help. A local politician affectionately calls it ragweed pork; Another local calls it simply vous, and it's one of my favorite favorites in Memphis.

Besides the world-class grill, some restaurants in Memphis also produce fried chicken, and the simple bar - B - Q - Shop offers Pulled Pork. A sandwich is called "King 8" because everything in town has an Elvis-esque touch, but it's spiced up and beefy enough to ensure the flavor is as Memphis as the grill.

Beale is best known for his street blues, but this place itself is a little off the beaten track. The place is grilled through and through with old Memphis school barbecues and it is one of the best barbecue places in town.

South Memphis Coletta is a triple threat: They introduced pizza to Memphis in the 1950s, they created grilled pizza, and they count Elvis among their regulars.

Coletta, from South Memphis, is a triple threat: They introduced pizza to Memphis in the 1950s, they created grills and pizza, and they count Elvis among their regulars. Irene and her husband, who happens to be African-American, cook for white dignitaries who cross the color barrier to roll up their sleeves and eat one of the best soul food in Memphis.

The Bar - B - Q Shop is the only place to barbecue when you eat while visiting the National Civil Rights Museum. You can eat barbecue spaghetti while dining at one of the city's most popular restaurants, and the best barbecue in Tennessee.

Memphis has more than 100 barbecue spots, but it's worth a try with the uber-popular Central Barbecue. With its unorthodox Pulled Pork nachos, garnished with spicy BBQ, Central convinces locals and visitors alike. Try Gus's with its Southern - fried chicken, barbecue sauce and - hell - BBQ sauce. Some of the best milkshakes and dinky meals are served at the city's oldest restaurant, Arcade, just blocks from downtown.

In a suburb of Memphis, Germantown, there are some of the best restaurants, and on any given Sunday you'll see what your mother called "the church bell" that abounds in this grill institution. While the drive from suburban eastern Memphis, which you may know takes a drive through suburban eastern Memphis to this former General Store (also known as the Commissioner), the grill, the rotten eggs and other treats in the restaurant make the trip extra - it's worth it.

This restaurant opened in 1953, and Charlie Vergos began this landmark Memphis by selling pork sandwiches and coleslaw on the street and eventually opened the only place in a downtown alley. Napoleon's originally opened in Mason, Tennessee, but Gus's was a franchise of the original Mason's in Memphis. Vincent later sold the restaurant's recipes to Frank and Hazel Vernon, who now run their own restaurant Napoleon's. S. S., London. Gus' came to downtown Memphis in the late 1950s through a partnership with Vanderbilt University's culinary department. The chicken is served in paper bags and the food is perfectly prepared, with a variety of toppings such as bacon, cheese, tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and more.

The Margs at Molly's La Casita in Midtown are often touted as the best in Memphis, but it doesn't hurt that the food here is pretty good, too. As I got older, I found myself at Silky O'Sullivan's, which started out as an old-fashioned bar and grill with a good selection of beer and wine. The food was pretty good at silky - O - Sullivan's and as I got older I've found that I'm enjoying stopping there more and more, starting with hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and even hamburgers and fries.

No doubt Memphis claims its culinary glory for barbecuing, but only a rare breed of barbecue fans would choose to eat ribs and minced pork day after day. Barbecue is a must-have in Memphis, of course, and any food traveler could spend an entire weekend choking on the grill in Memphis and just scratching the surface of the city's many great barbecue spots and restaurants. But the barbecue is so good that we say there is no reason to be afraid of eating. For decades, Charlie Vergo's "Rendezvous" has the aroma "You can't resist the aroma."

While we ate three others in Lockhart, Asheville and Kansas City, this was the best BBQ we had at the source in Memphis. On our last morning in Memphis, Shae and I visited Gibson's Donuts, one of the most popular donuts in the Memphis area. We told the man who served us that I had never tried it before, so we hiked a few miles to check it (i.e., we took an Uber).

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