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There are many options when it comes to dining in Memphis, and from fried chicken to food truck fusion, you'll find delicious flavors in every corner of the city.

No matter where your palate takes you in Memphis, this selection promotes a city you simply cannot miss, and any recommendation is worth your time. If you really want to experience the scene in Memphis and eat like a local, head to one of these restaurants.

If you can't make a reservation at Ticer Hudman's restaurant or the liquor store is too crowded, try one of the new restaurants in Memphis. This page will not attempt to include every restaurant in Memphis, but we will introduce some of our favorite restaurants as well as some of the most popular restaurants in Memphis. Visit Memphis Travel to find the perfect venue for any occasion, or you can ask a local or consult a good list of local restaurants with the best prices, service and menu options.

Experienced food travelers should check out the best restaurants and bars in Memphis before visiting to make difficult decisions about what to do and where to eat in Memphis. If you're looking to discover new restaurants in the city or discover some of the hottest spots in the city, check out our list of current favorites.

Best Restaurants recommends Catherine & Mary, a wonderful addition that has elevated the restaurant scene in downtown Memphis. Speaking of brunch, the best brunch options in Memphis are at Folk & Folly, one of the city's most popular brunch spots. Folk & Folly guarantees a flawless American feast from start to finish, and that for free.

Nashville rules, but Memphis holds its own in the quality of fried chicken, especially in the form of barbecue. In addition to the world-class grill, Memphis restaurants also offer a wide selection of fried chicken, including the famous Memphis Chicken and Chicken & Waffles.

The most opulent dining experience in Memphis is offered by the Chez Philippe, located in the lobby of the historic Peabody Hotel. Many of the city's restaurants serve modern cuisine, including a modern version of a classic steakhouse, as well as some of Memphis' most upscale restaurants.

In a suburb of Memphis, Germantown, you'll find some of the best eateries, but remember that the buffet is only open for lunch on certain days of the week. Every Sunday, church bells, as mothers call them, swarm this barbecue institution. The restaurant serves roast chicken, ribs, breast fillet, pork chops and a variety of other dishes. There are a number of attractions that are considered funky in Memphis, such as the Memphis Museum of Natural History and the Tennessee State Fair.

Huey's was originally opened as a single location bar in the 1970s, but started out as a stand-alone restaurant. At different times, the site seems to open and change regularly. Northern Italian cuisine has been loved in Memphis since 1909 and is still one of the best restaurants in Memphis.

Here you will find over 100 restaurants that specialize in Memphis - ribs that are slowly cooked on your plate. Guests can enjoy Italian dishes with BBQ at Coletta's, and the restaurant serves a special barbecue sauce. The restaurant served Memphis-style port shoulder, which was smoked for over 20 hours, and a special barbecue sauce.

Beale's is best known for its blues on Beale Street, but it's also famous for the Memphis Barbecue, which is baked in the same way as the city's traditional grill.

This European country inn, modeled on the historic St. Paul's Cathedral in Paris, is considered the most romantic restaurant in Memphis.

Gates said at the opening: "I felt for a long time that there was a clear need for a restaurant of this kind in Memphis. Later discovered and recognized as the first of its kind in Memphis, Corky's is now one of the most popular restaurants in the Memphis area. This world-renowned grill restaurant was voted Memphis' best restaurant for 18 years. It has appeared on numerous national television shows and has even featured on the covers of Time Magazine and the New York Times.

There is no doubt that Memphis claims its culinary glory for barbecuing, but only a rare breed of barbecue fans would choose to eat ribs and minced pork day after day. Food travelers could sit on the grill in Memphis for an entire weekend, scratching the surface of the city's great barbecue history, from the beginnings of the BBQ to the present day.

Most restaurants in Memphis offer vegetarian options, but there are some that are looking for a healthier choice. If you're looking for an upscale dining option with award-winning chefs, look no further, as Memphis hosts many of the best barbecues and barbecues in the country, as well as upscale dining and seating options featuring award-winning chefs and restaurant chefs.

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