Valentine's Day Candy That Is Popular in Each State

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One interesting fact about Alabama is that it is daring enough to combine two favorite Valentine's Day gifts: jewelry and candy. The southern state is the only one with candy necklaces as the top seller.

Chocolate roses

Wyoming would rather sweeten up its blossoms than its bling. It's also a state that stands alone, this time for its love of chocolate roses. Talk about edible flowers.

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Chocolate hearts

Real-life objects immortalized in chocolate, there sure is a theme here. Next up is the chocolate heart, a smooth, tiny indulgence that is wrapped in foil and looks nothing like its anatomical counterpart. The three states that prefer chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day are Maine, Rhode Island and Nebraska. A much sweeter option than serving up one of the official state foods.

Hershey's Kisses

Five states are hoping a dinner at the most romantic restaurant in the state will end with some kisses - of the Hersey's variety. Arkansas, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Delaware all favor Hershey's Kisses.


Seven states won't apologize for loving this colorful classic. It's another tried-and-true holiday go-to: M&Ms. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Iowa, Kansas, Idaho and Arizona all favor these tiny treats.

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Conversation hearts

It's no holiday food mystery that conversation hearts are popular around Valentine's Day. What is impressive, though, is that even though the most popular version of the wordy confection wasn't produced at all by Necco, the original producer, in 2019, different brands of this candy classic stole the hearts of 14 states. Vermont, Virginia, Hawaii, South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Montana prefer to communicate through the colorful cutouts.

Heart-shaped box of chocolates

And the top candy, reigning the sweetest in 19 states, is a curvy carrier filled with chocolate confections. It's the heart-shaped box of chocolates, where an eating adventure around the mystery fillings is part of the holiday fun, particularly in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Alaska, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Mississippi, Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Washington and California. If none of these candies get your nougat-filled heart racing though, it might be time for a trip to the sweetest dessert shop in your state. 

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