15 houses decorated for the Fourth of July

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Americans are known for being loud and proud when it comes to our country, so it's no surprise that we love busting out all sorts of red, white and blue decor to celebrate Independence Day. Whether they're flying the flag or decorated with stars and stripes, these homes are brimming with inspiration for how to dress up your own home this Fourth of July.


Decorating for the Fourth of July

Whether you're hosting a massive backyard barbecue or simply want celebrate the spirit of the holiday, decorating for the Fourth of July can fit your style. Some people enjoy simple splashes of red, white and blue, while others might prefer an over-the-top explosion of American cups, plates, desserts, decorations and even outfits. You can strike a balance with more subtle July Fourth elements, such as a blue serving bowl with a simple pattern of red stars around the rim.


How to properly display a flag

It's important to remember that while there are many cheesy, kitchsy and silly ways to decorate and dress up using stars and stripes, you should fly the flag itself respectfully. If you choose to fly an American flag outside your home, there are certain flag etiquette rules you must follow. One is that no other flag or pennant should be placed above the flag of the United States of America. Another is that it should not touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, water or plants.


Outdoor decor

One of the most popular and festive ways to decorate for this great American holiday is hanging flags, bunting, banners and more outside of your home. Use whatever architectural elements your home has, such as rails, balconies or columns as places to highlight the stars and bars.


Dazzle up your door

If you don't have space to fly a flag, a wreath or decoration on your front door is a simple and customizable way to show American pride. You can DIY your own to fit your personal design style, using items such as burlap, flowers, berries, wood, seashells and more to create inviting blends of red, white and blue.


The flag through the centuries

Bunting gives a historical flair to your outdoor decor, but another way to go the antique route is by using historical variations of the American flag. This Victorian house in Bristol, Rhode Island, which hosts America's oldest continuously held Fourth of July Parade, is flying the Continental Colors flag, Bennington flag and other designs used before the latest version.


DIY aging

For a fun DIY project, you can use black tea to stain your red, white and blue outdoor bunting to make it look aged and antique. Some companies also sell reproduction Revolutionary War and Civil War-era textiles that you can use in your decorating to evoke the history of this country.

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You're a grand old flag

Creative placement when it comes to the flag can add visual appeal around your home. Use little American flag-topped toothpicks in fruit or cupcakes or place flags along your fence or in the ground along the walkway leading up to your house.


Patriotic patio decor

Even if you don't drape your house in drapeaux you can still deck your deck with patriotic patio furniture. Pillows, tablecloths and even miniature flags in flower pots can add flair to your outdoor gatherings around the Fourth of July.


A little bit of bunting

The perfect way to trim an indoor or patio space is with triangular flag bunting on strings. This versatile decoration also works along the edges of tables or along staircases.


A centerpiece dessert

A vibrant, decorated dessert makes for the perfect centerpiece in any Fourth of July table display. There are many delicious red, white and blue recipes, ranging from creamy trifles or parfaits with blueberries and strawberries to fantastically finished cakes with star-shaped designs.


Shop with color scheme in mind

Even if your desserts aren't Pinterest-worthy, it's still easy to make an appetizing spread if you shop for refreshments that display the holiday's red, white and blue color scheme. Foods such as white powdered donuts, macaroons, popcorn, marshmallows, cheese and vanilla ice cream contrast well with fruits like watermelon, tomatoes, blueberries and strawberries as well as red velvet cupcakes, coated chocolate candies and more.


Stars and stripes tableware

One of the easiest ways to add some Fourth of July flair is to buy cups, plates and cutlery and other tableware in patriotic patterns or shades of red, white and blue. Americans are known for red Solo cups at parties, so consider stocking your party with those as well as the blue and white varieties.


Red, white and blue everything

Stores sell so much red, white and blue gear that almost every element of your Fourth of July celebration can be in-theme, including serving trays and cupcake wrappers. You can also add ribbons along the rims of Mason jars, drink dispensers and more or use toothpicks or skewers with red, white and blue pom poms or metallic frills to add a firework-like pop of color to any dish.


Fun accessories

Besides decorations and an amazing food spread, one fun element to add to your Fourth of July festivities is red, white and blue accessories for a silly photo shoot. You can find sunglasses, hats and more with stars and stripes print as well as make some DIY paper photo booth props like mustaches and speech bubbles.


Land and sea

If you're spending this Fourth of July on sea rather than on land, that doesn't mean you can't decorate. As this pontoon illustrates, you can easily add decorations along the rails and even display a flag off the back of the boat. Taking up a new hobby, learning a new language and finally buying a boat are just a few of the things you can do once you become an empty-nester.

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